General Membership Meeting Notes, January, 2019

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Minutes, General Membership Meeting, January 15, 2019


General Facilitator: Bill

6: 30 pm Introductions (Facilitator: Bill) – Welcomed everyone.  Asked for a volunteer to take notes and a volunteer to be timekeeper.   Allowed any new people to introduce themselves.


6:35 pm Report from ARC (Facilitator: Bill)

(Caroline) –

  • A member survey will be coming via email with 10 questions to answer.  Everyone was urged to take the survey.
  • A new tab on the DCPAA website for “DCPAA Action Teams”  needs 1-2 sentences from each Action Team Leader describing what their action team is about.
  • By a show of hands do the attendees prefer monthly meetings or  bi-monthly meetings? Monthly meetings got the most votes.

(Bill) –

  • Sharing of info on how the Let NY Vote Albany Day went
  • DCPAA sent out two things at the request of Fair Elections NY
  1. A memorandum on supporting fair elections to NYS legislators  
  2. A press release to 6 local papers about voting reform and fair elections
  • Treasury report – $506.35  We would like to collect more money so we can start to help out action teams with expenses.
  • Request for volunteers to work on email news contact  
  • Request for articles for “Perspective”


6:45 pm Action Team Meetings (Facilitator: Bill)


7:15 pm Action Team Reports  (Facilitator: Darrett)


Economic Issues

A graphic was shared showing the disparity in income with the income of the 1% increasing and the income of the 99% remaining stagnant or decreasing.


On January 16 there is a DC Chamber of Commerce breakfast to which all were encouraged to attend.


The Economic Issues Team is investigating the City of Poughkeepsie tax lien system to see if there is anything they can do concerning the matter.



The BOCES Capital Project passed.


A forum is in the process of being put together for March where the legislators for our area who represent us on the state and federal level will be invited to discuss education issues.




Members of the Environment Team attended the Danskammer Energy open houses on Dec. 17 and 18, 2018.


A proposed Danskammer fracked gas plant opening is located in  a flood plain along the Hudson River in Newburgh.


On January 16, there will be a Wappingers Hydroelectric Launch Party at Cousins Ale House in Wappingers Falls, 5-8pm


The Dover Plains plant being built is very close to the high school.  There will be protests. The one scheduled for January 26 will have James Cromwell in attendance.



We are continuing to coordinate actions and follow the lead of the Campaign for NY Health, to work on passing single payer in NYS.

There is a Hudson Valley Health Activists Group, led by Elissa Kraus in Ulster County.  Team member names will be added to that google group, so that you may know of the in-person and zoom meetings directly, and the actions that can be taken locally, to plug in directly to them where you can.


Current actions to take:

Make appointments and meet with your NYS Assemblymember and/or Senator, and ask them to co-sponsor the NY Health Act when it gets re-introduced. If you get an appointment, let the group know, so that others may come with you.


Drop off a basket of apples with health care stories at legislators’ offices


Build grassroots support – continue spreading the word about the NY Health Act, get postcards signed, let people know they can contact their legislators to urge its support. We will need a broad base of support to counteract the negative campaign from big business and the health insurance industry.  


Ask 1-2 business that you frequent or can contact easily to pledge their support of the NY Health Act. All materials are on the campaign website (, and there was a brief presentation by Ling in the last Hudson Valley Health Activists Zoom meeting that you can watch.


Coordinate a town/city/village resolution in support of the NY Health Act. Info is on the website and local info, as Kingston passed one last year.



There were two new people in attendance at the Sanctuary Team Meeting.


Dutchess Unidos is meeting again with Marc Molinaro and Butch Anderson.


A new group of Dutchess County residents has begun to meet to discuss immigration justice. We will be meeting in different venues to try to accomodate more people’s travels.  Since we are newly formed, we are discussing a number of issues, resources and actions, and what exactly our focus, or points of focus, will be. There are so many issues and an ever-changing landscape.  We will be meeting next Thursday the 17th at 7:30 at Panera’s on Route 9 and Merritt in Fishkill.


Women’s Rights

Laurette called for spreading the word that the Women’s Rights Team is being reactivated and that a meeting would be set up in the near future for those who are interested in joining the team.


Gina V let everyone know that Serino saturdays were starting up on January 26 for anyone who wants to join the Handmaidens.  They will be standing outside of Sue Serino’s Office on Route 9 in Hyde Park two Saturdays a month from 1 – 2 pm.


Saving Democracy – This team sponsored  the presentations.


7:30 pm Presentation on Fair Elections NY (Facilitator: Bill)

Presenter: Joan Mandle


8:05 pm Presentation on Let NY Vote (Facilitator: Bill)

Presenter: Patti Tessler


8:10 pm Presentation on Ranked Choice Voting (Facilitator: Bill

Presenter: Dave Heller


8:15 pm Closure ( Facilitator:Bill)

The next GM Meeting is Thursday, February 28 at 6:30 pm at Boardman Road Library

8:16 pm networking of members We must leave the room by 8:30 pm.