Vote in local School Board Elections!

In by Karen Holloway

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Voting Locally Has Never Been More Important!  Vote on May 17!


Local School Board elections will be held on May 17th.  As some of you already know or especially if you are not aware, there are individuals and organizations in our communities trying to control school curriculum, ban books, and replace the true history of America with a controlled narrative intended to prevent our youth from being well-informed, free thinkers.


We have an obligation to our youth to make sure that members of our local school boards do not support and promote these hateful efforts.  We are not asking  you to vote for any specific candidates.  We are simply encouraging you to learn about the candidates and VOTE on May 17th.  Information on the elections can be found on the websites for each school district.  Links are provided below.  It looks like each site lists the candidates, except for the CPSD site.


Arlington Central School District:


Beacon City School District


City of Poughkeepsie School District:


Hyde Park Central School District


Spackenkill Union Free School District


Wappingers Central School District