Small Plastics, Big Impact: How Plastics Impact our Local Waterways (Online)

In by Karen Holloway

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It’s estimated that every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enters the world’s oceans! Researchers believe that much of this plastic pollution comes from litter in our environment. Emerging science also shows that microplastics and microfibers from our clothing are contributing to marine plastic and water pollution. In this FREE workshop, UCRRA celebrates Plastic Free July and the UCRRA Zero Waste Seminar with a panel discussion about the cause and effects of plastic pollution on our local water systems and what we can do to protect our rivers, streams, and watersystems from plastic pollution.


Jen Benson, Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator, Riverkeeper

Andrea Varga, Associate Professor of Design/Sustainability at School of Fine & Performing Arts, SUNY New Paltz


Angelina Peone, Director of Sustainability at Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency