New York Health Act Town Hall (Online)

In by Karen Holloway

Event Details

Register with Newburgh Free Library here:
Keynote Speaker:
Jessica Gonzales-Rojas, NYS Assembly
Panel Discussion:
Dr. Reena Agarwal, MD, MPH, FACP
Darius Shahinfar, Albany City Treasurer
Lynn Esteban, patient
Moderated by Jess Robie, RN
The New York Health Act [A.5248a, S.3577a] will provide comprehensive, universal health coverage for every New Yorker and would replace private insurance coverage. The NYS Assembly has passed the bill four years in a row by large majorities. In the NYS Senate, nearly a majority of Senators support the bill. A study by the Rand Corporation found that the NYHA would also reduce healthcare costs for state and local government as well as 98% of NY residents.
The Covid crisis has made the gaps in our expensive healthcare system even more glaring. 2021 could be the year that sees the passing of the NYHA. This would be the end of the health insurance nightmare & the beginning of security in healthcare for many New Yorkers.