DSA Monthly Chapter Meeting + New Member Orientation

In by Karen Holloway

Event Details



Join us this Saturday November 20th at for our monthly member orientation and chapter meeting!

6:30pm: Monthly Member Orientation

Maybe you just joined DSA, maybe you’ve been a member but are looking to get more active. There’s no better way to get caught up and engaged in the chapter than to join us for our orientations where we will walk members through how to get involved and how we fight for a better future together building a multiracial working class mass movement to take on the capitalist class.

7:00pm: Monthly Chapter Meeting

At this month’s chapter meeting we have exciting announcements and updates to share with members including:

  • Treasurer’s Report and finance update
  • Q/A with MHVDSA endorsed member and chapter leader Sarahana Shrestha who’s running for State Assembly in the 103rd.
  • Collective action gets the goods: Painting the HV red via electoral politics. Reflections on last month’s monumental election wins!
  • Candidate-members will talk about what is next & how you can help! Each county has a member-leader organizing locally
  • Open discussion on the future of MHVDSA and next year’s General Assembly in February
  • Upcoming events from Mutual Aid, Member Education/Labor and more!