Brake Light Clinic in Newburgh!

In by Karen Holloway

Event Details


Join us from 11am-3pm to replace people’s brakelights.


Join us 11am-3pm 10/23 in Newburgh

Public lot on Broadway between Johnston and Lander Streets
Saturday, October 23rd. 11 am – 3 pm.


We will be changing people’s brake lights for free, and also offering food and talking about socialism. These events are great to meet your fellow comrades, getting out into the community and meeting our neighbors, and provide important services to keep us all safe.


Can you step up and help with our Brake Light Clinics? No skills required. We will be holding a day of training and canvassing the weekend before the event, so experienced comrades can teach newcomers what they need to know to change the lights. We will follow up with respondents with details about that training over the next couple weeks.


We also need comrades to help with food prep + service, getting people to fill out intake forms/waivers, and perform other day-of tasks. Please fill out this form if you are able to attend the event and help out!


A detailed description of brake light clinics can be found at:


For more info about traffic tickets in our region, go here:


For questions/other info please email or call 845-232-1797



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Mid Hudson Valley DSA