DCPAA Procedure for Obtaining Approval for Meetings, Events, Actions

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Procedures for Obtaining Approval from DCPAA for Meetings, Events and/or Actions, June 2018

What Requires DCPAA Approval

Before carrying out any meetings, events and/or actions that require the use of DCPAA’s name, approval by DCPAA is required. This includes the following:

the listing of DCPAA as a creator, host or co-sponsor of the meeting, event and/or action

the mentioning of DCPAA in advertising, in the press, on social media in conjunction with the meeting, event and/or action

the mentioning of DCPAA during any meeting, event and/or action as a representative of DCPAA. No member will speak as a representative of this organization without approval of the Connecting Circle before the meeting, event and/or action at which any member of DCPAA wishes to speak.

If it is determined that approval from DCPAA is necessary, the proposal must be submitted to the Connecting Circle.

The Connecting Circle will decide whether or not it is appropriate to use DCPAA’s name and/or logo publicly.

What Does Not Require DCPAA Approval

Any meeting, event and/or action where an action team and/or individual takes responsibility for the meeting, event and/or action without the need for any kind of DCPAA assistance or association with DCPAA does not need approval from DCPAA. This includes action team meetings, actions performed by individuals, events organized by a small group or an individual on their own, as long as these things are being done without using DCPAA’s name or using DCPAA resources and/or funds.