DCPAA Procedure for Approval of Speakers, Presenters

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DCPAA Procedure for Approval of Speakers/Presenters at General Membership Meetings, revised July 2018

The following steps must be followed as the procedure for approval of speakers/presenters at DCPAA General Membership Meetings:

Anyone can recommend a speaker for a DCPAA General Membership Meeting no less than two months before the General Membership Meeting at which the speaker would like to present. It could take at least a month to process the request.

The proposal for a speaker needs to go to at least one member of the Connecting Circle, along with background information on the speaker.

The Connecting Circle member who was approached brings the proposal along with information about the speaker to the next Connecting Circle Meeting after which the proposal was received by the CC member. It may also be possible to process the proposal via email with the members of the CC.

The Connecting Circle decides based on the information provided and any other information the CC members gather as to whether that person would be a viable speaker for a general membership meeting. (See the Guidelines for What Makes a Speaker Viable.)

If the speaker is approved, then the following will be sent to the speaker by an ARC member:

A form invitation

A copy of the Guidelines for Speakers/Presentations at DCPAA General Membership Meetings

A copy of the DCPAA platform

A short application form for the speaker to fill out.

After the speaker has presented, a thank you will be sent to the speaker by a member of ARC.